Life Together ~ Notes from NPC Elders

 From Marie Gwyn, Clerk of Session –

Hi, everyone! Hope you are all doing well during this time of reduced contact and social distancing. I am looking forward to seeing you and praying we can resume normal activities soon. May the Lord be with you until we meet again!

I want to update you on what has been going on in my life during the past several months. On March 13, I fell and fractured my knee cap. Because of the accident, I was unable to attend my grandson’s (Corbin) 4 yr. old Birthday Party and Lesley’s baby shower at the church. Not only did I miss two very special events but I was struggling to accomplish activities of daily living. My husband, HN, was wonderful and took care of me.  Because of the danger of COVID-19, I was unable to get out or spend time with our grandchildren. It was a depressing time! Then Easter Sunday came.  It was a beautiful day! We celebrated the risen Lord during worship and later in the day, we had a wonderful visit from our son and daughter-in-law, Mitch and Leanne, and their two children, Corbin (4) and Adaline (1). They spent several hours with us hiding Easter eggs! As I look back on this event, I realize that God was with me through it all. I only fractured my knee cap. (It could have been worse); I didn’t have to have surgery; I had a wonderful husband, family, and church family who cared about me and prayed for me.  I am so thankful for God’s grace, love, and comfort during this time!

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