Worship with Us, Sunday Mornings 9 & 11!

The Early Service ~ 9am

At The Early Service, you will find a warm welcome, praise music, and preaching that finds its center in Jesus Christ and connects to your daily life. We’ll Gather, Hear the Word, Share Communion, and Go to share Good News.  We’d love to see you at 9am, Sunday mornings! 

Traditional Reformed Service ~ 11am

At 11 o’clock worship, you’ll share in a traditional service, ordered by a liturgy that has been handed down for centuries.  Here, the very form of our worship orients us and connects us to the whole church throughout the ages.  The way in which we worship God on Sunday mornings is, in its essence, what God’s people have always done in the Western Tradition, in all times and places.  This historic form of worship has four distinct stages.  And each stage is powerful, because, together, they rightly orient us to God and train us in the Christian life.

Hosanna, Loud Hosanna!