Worship is at the heart of all we do.

Beginning Sunday, October 14th!

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At 9am (beginning OCT 14) and at 11am on Sunday mornings, we gather at Newland Presbyterian Church as the family of God to praise God for who He is and to hear what Jesus has to say to us in the Spirit. Truly, our Sunday worship marks the high point of our life together as the people of God.  This first day of the week is filled with praise, prayer, joy and thanksgiving, a sharing in the celebration of the sacraments together and in the proclamation of the Word. It is here that we are together brought before the Father, by the Son, in the power of the Holy Spirit.  It is here that we offer up our lives to God, and receive the life of God in return.  It is in worship, through Word and Sacrament, that the church is sustained by the presence of Christ…which then empowers us, joined in worship to the One who gives life, to serve God and neighbor in the world.      



9am ~ The Early Service (BEGINNING OCT 14, 2018)

See, I am doing a new thing!  Now it springs up, do you not perceive it?  (Isaiah 43:19)


At The Early Service, you will find a warm welcome, praise music led by Joy Pritz and the Dave Calvert Collective, and preaching that finds its center in Jesus Christ and connects to your daily life. We’d love to see you at 9am, Sunday mornings!


                                              Our Story

100 Years ago, the Rev. Edgar Tufts founded NPC.  In the 25 years following, our church grew rapidly as God used those early members to plant 3 additional congregations.  As we step into our next 100 years, we again feel God calling us to dedicate ourselves to our community so that we can connect with people like you, and love you as genuinely as God does.  We believe God is calling us to be a part of something big – the big story of His love lived out in friendship and in grace.


Our Mission

Is to lead all people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.  Our strategy for this is to cultivate environments where people can grow in Love for God and in Love for Others.  We pray that The Early Service will be exactly that kind of place.  We desire real relationships that have Jesus Christ at their center.


Our Future

…is (obviously) in God’s hands.  And so is yours.  We would love for your story to connect with ours as we serve God and Newland together!  So join in, if you feel God’s leading.  We can’t wait to meet you!



As you can see, The Early Service at Newland Presbyterian Church is beginning as a response to what God has already done in the life of Newland Presbyterian Church.  On August 20, 2017, we celebrated our 100th Anniversary as a congregation.


We celebrated and gave thanks and did a lot of remembering. Part of what we remembered was the dream God gave to a man named Rev. Edgar Tufts, who, in 1912, sat atop the hill overlooking the Newland Town Square and dreamed of a day when a new congregation might serve God and the people of this community. We also remembered Mr. RE Piercy, the Sunday School extension worker, who for 5 years walked every Sunday from Banner Elk and back so as to lead Sunday school and preach as our church was getting off the ground. And we remembered the three local congregations started by our parents and grandparents in the faith, and the deeply creative ways that they followed Christ’s command to “GO and to make disciples of all nations.” These people were willing to take risks and to blaze new trails and to put themselves out there in obedience to God and for the sake of his Kingdom…all of this in the first 25 years of NPC’s existence.


And now, as we begin the next 100 years of the life of Christ at Newland Presbyterian Church, I think that the question has now become even more pressing for us, because we stand in such a long line of people who have given themselves and their church over and over again to be used for God’s purposes. And the question for us has now become: how are we going to respond to God’s call, creatively, in obedience, and with joy? How are we going to follow Christ and those who have gone before us as we continue to be a congregation who serves Almighty God and our mountain community?

We believe, in The Early Service, we may have the beginnings of an answer.

Today, our dream is to cultivate the kind of environment where all people might discover the powerful, transforming love of Jesus Christ, where all people feel free to come as they are and hopeful for what they shall become, where all people might enjoy the deep fellowship of life in the Spirit, full of forgiveness, grace, love, and mission.


11am ~ Traditional Reformed Service

Our 11 o’clock service is a traditional service, ordered by a liturgy that has been handed down for centuries.  So, the very form of our worship together orients us and connects us to the whole church throughout the ages.  The way in which we worship God on Sunday mornings is, in its essence, what God’s people have always done everywhere and at all times.  This historic form of worship has four distinct stages.  And each stage is powerful, because, together, they rightly orient us to God and train us in the Christian life.



The Gathering – Here, we gather…always in response to God’s call…offering praise, prayer, and song.  We confess our sinfulness to God, and receive the declaration of God’s forgiveness in Jesus Christ.

The Word – Scriptures are read and their message proclaimed.  Psalms, hymns, spirituals, or anthems are sung between readings.  Responses to the proclamation of God’s Word include expressions of faith and commitment, and the offering of prayer for the needs of others across the world and in our local communities of Avery County.

The Eucharist – As hearing becomes doing, the tithes and offerings of the people are gathered, and the table is set with bread and the cup.  We are invited, together, to the table of the Lord, to receive communion with Him, and to be joined, mystically, to His life.

Sending – Empowered now, by God’s Word, and joined to Him by the Sacrament, the church is sent forth into the world to love in the way of Jesus Christ, to proclaim His goodness, and to share in the work that Christ gives us to do.