Worship on the Lawn, June21

Communion This Sunday, 10am, NPC Lawn!
Dear NPC Family,

It was wonderful to worship the Risen Christ with so many of you (91) last Sunday!  I appreciated how well folks observed appropriate physical distancing and how considerate you were to one another.  And I appreciated even more the way that God met us and gathered us and blessed us.  It is good to be grateful.

This week we’ll be following the same pattern (details below), with one additional gift!  We are going to celebrate the Lord’s Supper using individually packaged plastic containers holding bread and juice.  (You can see a photo of the containers on the plate in the photo above).  You’ll receive the elements at the beginning of the service.  Hold them until Michael’s invitation during the Communion Liturgy.

Those sitting on the lawn will receive a communion set from an elder wearing gloves, mask, and distributing packets with disinfectant wipes after you have been seated.

Those remaining in a vehicle will receive a communion set upon entry to the parking area, again, from an elder wearing gloves, mask, and distributing packets with disinfectant wipes and gloves.

It is certainly your prerogative as to whether or not you will receive communion.  Feel free to decline if you are not ready (physically or spiritually) to receive the sacrament.Also feel free to bring a sanitizing wipe if you’d like to clean the outside of the container before opening.All baptized who confess Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior are welcome to receive.

There were also lots of folks last week asking about a place to leave tithes and offerings.  For obvious reasons, we are not passing collection plates, but there will be an offering box available under the portico that shelters the double doors by the Library side entrance.  You may place your offering there, or continue to mail gifts to NPC, PO Box 579, Newland, NC 28657.  

I am a bit overwhelmed by your continued faithfulness to God in this tangible way.  I read of many churches whose financial position has been a real struggle, and I am grateful for God’s provision for us, and for your generosity towards Him.  Below, you can read a bit about how those funds have been allocated, following our budget, of course, but also in creative ways responding to these uncertain times as a church (trying to find new ways to worship) and as a community (with definite needs).

With gratitude and hope in Christ,


PS – For anyone that would like to help various Avery County and regional community service organizations like RAM and Feeding Avery Families, please note that they have partnered with an organization called First Things, who is helping to schedule and organize volunteers who are willing to pack food and serve in a variety of ways.  Please click here:  https://www.signupgenius.com/go/904054ea8aa22a2fd0-volunteer if you would like to sign up or read a little bit more about the groups who are stepping up during crisis.  Thanks!

1 thought on “Worship on the Lawn, June21”

  1. Dear Pastor Michael,

    Thank you for all your and your leadership team are doing to share the love f Christ in Newland! As a fellow Pastor, allow me to share how delighted I am to be a colleague!

    God bless you, Lesley and your dear (and growing!) family, Michael!


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