Life Together ~ Notes from NPC Elders

Hi there to one and all.  Patti and I have dearly missed the members of our church family and do so hope that you too are finding some blessings during this time.

We’ve been keeping busy catching up on household projects, baking rye bread and cookies for friends and watching PBS programs among others.  I finished the book Trail of Tears which was an enlightening and gut wrenching story of the Cherokee Nation’s movement west.  Daily walks along with heat, ice and stretching have helped to nurse a painful hip muscle.  Reading the Bible, taking naps, calling family, friends and church members, and feeding birds, squirrels and chipmunks have brightened our stay at home days.

Through the technology of Zoom we have joined a Sunday school class led by Marie Gwyn.  We are thankful to God for leading us to this special group of friends and helping us to learn more from both Ephesians and these friends.  We look forward to our weekly meetings for some time to come.  I am so thankful to God for this time to enjoy the peace and harmony that a wooded landscape provides.  We are blessed to enjoy these gifts.  Sharing with others has also been a blessing, but we can’t wait to spend time with more of our church family.  I pray that this comes soon.

Sharing the sunshine with our dog, Sadie, on a cool spring day.

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